With time, the soil beneath your lawn becomes compacted. This compaction limits the flow of air and nutrients to your lawn’s roots. Our Aeration service removes small cores from the soil to reduce compaction and to allow the roots to spread and receive the airflow and nutrients that they require. Aerating will help to build a lawn with a strong root system that is healthy and resistant to drought. Aerating will leave small cores of soil on the surface of the lawn. There is no need to collect the cores, they will break down and return to the soil soon after the service is complete. Aeration is the perfect way to prepare you lawn for topdressing.


Top Dressing

Overtime the nutrients in the soil are depleted and your lawn may begin to thin out and become easily affected by diseases and drought. Our Top Dressing service will help to restore important nutrients and microorganisms to the soil so that your lawn will be able to grow thick and lush. A healthy lawn will be better able to resist pests and late summer dry periods. Our team will spread a layer of quality compost and grass seed over your lawn, restoring the nutrients that it needs to stay full and lush all season long. For best results, top dress after a lawn aeration.


Spring Clean up

Once the snow has melted, you lawn is likely to be matted and have some debris left over from the previous fall. Our crews will thoroughly clean not only your lawn, but all garden beds and paved surfaces as well. Twigs and debris will be collected and removed from your property. The lawn will be raked to loosen up the grass, allowing air to circulate and encouraging it to start growing for the season. Not only is a thorough spring cleanup important for your lawn and gardens, but it will give your property and tidy appearance.


Weekly Lawn Service

On a regular weekly schedule, our crews will cut the grass including trimming of all edges and blowing debris off of paved areas. The clippings will be removed from the property, eliminating heavy bags of grass clippings to store until municipal pickup. Our lawn service will not only keep your lawn looking neat and tidy, but proper mowing practices will ensure that your lawn is in peak condition at all times throughout the mowing season. Our mowing crews are equipped with industry leading equipment that is well maintained, allowing them to stay on schedule and deliver the best service possible, even during the peak season. Our lawn maintenance team members enjoy their work and take pride in delivering a reliable and professional service.


Fall Clean up

Once the grass has slowed down and leaves have begun to fall, our crews will begin scheduled fall cleanup visits. On each visit, leaves will be removed from the lawn, garden beds and paved areas. We offer fall cleanups on a weekly, bi-weekly or one time basis. Top quality equipment enables our crews to remove leaves from you property thoroughly and efficiently. Our leaf removal crews are supported by vacuum trucks that will come to your property after the crew has piled the leaves at the roadside. We pride ourselves in delivering the best fall service in the West Island, ensuring that all of our clients’ properties are clean and ready for winter before the first snowfall.


Fertilization and Weed Control

DLC offers Fertilization and Weed Control programs that help to give your lawn a deep green color and minimize the development of weeds. Programs are available on a seasonal basis and will have a predetermined number of applications.



Your lawn and gardens need water during the warm summer months to sustain them. Achieving the right amount of water will promote the best growth possible. Both overwatering and dry spells be equally damaging. Our experts can help you to determine the correct water requirements for your lawn and gardens.