garden renovation

With the passing of time, gardens mature and their maintenance requirements changed. A garden that has reached full maturity may begin to require a high level of maintenance to prevent it from interfering with other elements on the property such as pathways and scenic views. In some cases, the major elements of a landscape are in place and in good condition, the plantings simply need to be altered and updated. Our Garden Renovation service is the perfect solution for giving your landscape a makeover, without a total re-construction.

We will meet with you and discuss your landscape and the potential for a renovation. We will take stock of the current plantings and major elements in your landscape. In some cases we are able to preserve large, mature plant material and combine it with new plantings to create a beautiful garden that has a unique appeal and interest. At the same time, we will amend the soil to ensure that your new gardens will be beautiful and lush. During a renovation we are able to modify the outline of garden beds and even add or remove beds entirely. Weather your have existing garden beds that need a fresh look, or a landscape that is very minimal, call us today to see what we can create for you.